Pharmacy Bachelor’s Program

Pharmacy is one of the most interesting and well known majors in Indonesia, which focuses on medicine, which covers from drug discovery, development, clinical trial, drug delivery, drug management and also patient counseling. Pharmacy is the bridge knowledge between biomedical scientists and medical doctors, and highly relates to biomedical science, chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical engineering, social science and population health. Pharmacist is among of the most respected professions in the world, whether in the government institute, research institute, pharmaceutical industry, or clinical pharmacy.
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Vision and Mission


To become an internationally recognized pharmacy study program in education, research, and innovation by 2034 to accelerate national competitiveness and support national growth.




Pharmaceutical products are essential to support various human health and wellness needs. Pharmacy is the study program that heavily focuses on drug studies, starting from its design, manufacturing, analyzing, economics, sustainability up to its effects on the human body. Pharmacy study program aims to nurture students that have strong basis of knowledge about drugs and to implement their knowledge to various fields such as community, clinical, industry, academics, etc.

The Pharmacy program at I3L is a world class pharmacy school which trains the students how to solve most medical problems. Our main goal is to nurture young individuals to become a pharmacy graduates who have strong background in the research and the clinical applications, realizing that Indonesia has been lacking of high quality pharmacy graduates that excel in state-of-the-art research pharmacists. Hence, our program offers hands-on practical experience on advanced laboratory techniques, semi-independent projects, clinical case studies, and elective courses that support interdisciplinary knowledge in life sciences. We utilize the triple-helix concept (academia, business and government) approach which strategizes and implements the most relevant pharmaceutical research and development to the community.





International Programs

Fostering skills & confidence for successful global careers

Masters Pathway

To Queen's University Belfast Master’s Program, UK
To Edinburgh Napier Master’s Program, UK

Together we improve the quality of life


Three i3L students won the Green Track L’Oreal Brandstrom 2022 and will be advancing to the international round representing Indonesia.

On 2019, i3L hosted the first Asia Integrated Conference (AICON) in Life Science titled “Can Indonesia be a Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Powerhouse?”. 

Our pharmacy student passed the selection process for an internship at L’Oreal’s STRAD (Scientific, Technico, and Regulatory Affairs Division).

Four Pharmacy students have won first place at Indonesian Pharmaceutical Students Science Week (PIMFI) 2021. Dandy Felix Kristianto (PHA 2019) won the formulation competition, while Celine Chelovna, Cecilia Ashley, and Putri Avanny (all from PHA 2019) won the educational video competition

Three Pharmacy students, Shakila Angjaya, Kenjiro Tanoto, and Elizabeth Chrestella, won the SKINOVATION competition, an internal ideation competition on skincare product development. Along with 2 other members from other study programs, they developed a natural-based acne serum mist.

Two Pharmacy students, Elsabda Siratan & Theodore Ebenezer Leonard, along with Biotechnology student, received grant Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education for Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM) Bidang 5 2019.

Jeannifer Rebecca | Pharmacy 2017

My first internship at Queen’s University Belfast was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It introduced me to advanced drug delivery system. I am pleased that i3L is not only providing its students with good education and advanced laboratory facility, but also with international network and experience that lead to great opportunities which enable its students to pursue their dreams.

MBM Acceleration Program

Master in Biomanagement (MBM) Acceleration Program is a Special Program designed for i3L & iSB students. By joining this program, the student can finish their Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (S1 & S2) in just 5 years. 

If you are a current i3L or iSB student, then you can enroll in MBM Acceleration Program in the 6th semester and start in the 7th semester.

Future Career

Clinical/ Community

  • Forensic Laboratories
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Personal Pharmacy Service
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy/Drug Store


  • Medical Representative
  • Distributor Supervisor
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Regulatory Affair
  • QA Specialist
  • QC Specialist
  • Production Manager
  • R & D Manager


  • Drug Information Specialist
  • Research Scientist
  • Lecturer
  • Laboratory Specialist


  • GMP Specialist
  • BPOM


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