5 Advantages of Taking Pharmacy as Your College Major

5 Advantages of Taking Pharmacy as Your College Major

In this millennial era, continuing education to a higher level like college has become a trend among teenagers, the truth is there is no guarantee that someone will become successful in their career by taking college, but with college someone will get more knowledge, skills, and competency that will be provision to walk on their career path.

Many job opportunities for pharmacy major

The first advantage of taking pharmacy major is there are many job opportunities for pharmacy graduates whether in government or private companies. Pharmacy graduates can work at government hospitals as a pharmacist.

Moreover, pharmacy graduates can also work at drugstore, just like we know there are many drugstores (for example: Kimia Farma, etc.) which scattered around in big or small cities in Indonesia, this can be an opportunity for pharmacy graduates to get a job.

Can apply for Civil Servants

Pharmacy graduates can also apply for State Civil Apparatus (ASN), or more prevalent as Civil Servants (PNS). To become an ASN or PSN is a career field that is very attractive to most people.

It’s not surprising that becoming a PNS/ASN is attractive to most people because there are many advantages that they can be obtained when they are serving as civil servants (Also read: 10 advantages of being a PNS). So, as a pharmacy graduates, you can use your diploma certificate to apply as PNS to get many facilities as an ASN/PNS.

Continuing Pharmacist Education and Open a Pharmacy.

Next, the advantage of taking pharmacy as your major is you can continue your education as a pharmacist to get the title (Apt). By having that title, you can get the license as a pharmacist and can be pharmacy staff at public or private hospitals, so you can be not only a pharmacist assistant but be the pharmacist yourself.

The title that you get after finishing the pharmacist education can be used to open your own pharmacy, because indeed people who have finished their pharmacist education will be given license or permission to open pharmacy.

So, if you don’t want to have a career at hospital or others’ pharmacies, then you can open your own personal pharmacy, just count it as business and it is not impossible that your pharmacy will become big and famous if you manage is professionally.

Knowing the Types of Drugs and How to Mix Drugs

Pharmacy major is really closely related to types of drugs and how to mix them (of course the mixed drugs are formulated according to the existing standard). If you are majoring in pharmacy, then you will definitely know various type of drugs.

The knowledge that you get when you are majoring in pharmacy about types of drugs and its functions and how to mix drugs according to the standard can be your provision in the future when someone needs your help.

A Promising Salary Profession

Pharmacy majors or graduates also have the opportunities to get a fairly big salary if they work later, pharmacy graduates can work in pharmaceutical companies or industry companies in the research and development department who will measure about the drugs and or doses that is used in the company’s products.


So, be ready to become rich if you take pharmacy as your major in college. But, success is actually also very much affected by great effort to never give up and actively working, so even though you are a pharmacy graduate but you don’t do any effort to find a job, then success will also be difficult to achieve.




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