O-Week 2021

A new semester has come and we are welcoming the new cohort, cohort 2021! Orientation Week, also known as O-Week, is an annual institutional event prepared by the Student Council of i3L (SCi) to welcome the new cohorts. Every year,

Leadership Camp 2021: Synergy

Leadership Camp is an event held annually by the Learning and Development (LnD) Division of SCi. This year, the event was conducted virtually over the span of three days from June 3 until June 5 with the title “SYNERGY: LEADERSHIP

Headlines Poster Competition
SCi Headlines – iSPC 2021

i3L Scientific Poster Competition or iSPC 2021 is a national-scaled event presented by i3L Student Council that is open to the public. The purpose of this event was to educate, alleviate, and bring awareness towards sustainable living. iSPC was divided

CSR Campaign

CSR Campaign is a social media campaign by SCi’s Community Outreach division to raise i3L students’ awareness on environmental issues. There are 2 periods for this challenge where students can gather 2 CSR points for each period. In this campaign,

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