Animal Welfare 

Authored by: Leandro Ravael (BT ‘22), Andrea Zefany Wirjolukito (FT ‘22), and Novita Tjahjono (FT ‘21)

Animals have a crucial role in our lives! They contribute to ecological balance, our well-being, and the overall health of the planet Earth! For example, they provide companionship and emotional support to humans, which may help individuals cope with stress, anxiety, and various health conditions. However, the well-being of animals, encompassing their physical and mental health, should also be considered by humans! The key aspects of animal welfare include but are not limited to, their basic needs, freedom from discomfort and fear, proper husbandry, as well as the liberty to express normal behavior.


We, humans, are often unaware of the well-being of animals around us. Many of them are exploited for our entertainment and they suffer from our negligence and cruel behavior.

Did you know?

  • In Bali alone, there are 500,000 stray dogs and up to 250 million stray cats in Indonesia
  • By 2022, out of the 5,500 videos that were aired worldwide, the research found that at least 1,626 of them featured animal abuse in Indonesia
  • Animal protection organizations claim that every year, hundreds of thousands of stray and pet dogs are slaughtered mercilessly for consumption in Indonesia’s dog meat trade


Animal abuse affects not only stray animals but also endangered species. Several zoos have been investigated for alleged abuse of endangered animals such as Sumatran tigers, and cases of abuse towards Sumatran langurs have been reported in Indonesia. If these cases keep happening, it may lead to extinction of endangered species in our country.


Therefore, as humans, we must realize and be responsible with our own actions. We can be a responsible pet owner by knowing and fulfilling the needs of the pet. Other than that, if you witness animal abuse around you, you can stop it or seek help from other people around or report it to the responsible authorities. We must properly consider the well-being of animals, also their physical and mental health. Let’s protect all of the animals together from abuse that can lead to extinction! 

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