Sip, Sing, and Savor: A Cozy Guide for Christmas Holiday!

Author: Andrea Natasha Candra (FT ‘21), Hanny Honggo (BT ‘22), Novita Dwi Lestari (PH ‘22)

Ho ho ho! Greetings from Santa!🎅🏻✨

As the holiday season descends upon us like snowflakes in winter, it is time to indulge in the spirit of merriment. Gather ’round as we unwrap a delightful package of indulging activities for a snuggly Christmas holiday!🤩🥳


  1. Hot Cocoa Haven🍫🥛:

Let’s kick things off with a steaming mug of cocoa goodness. Set up a Hot Cocoa Haven with a variety of toppings – marshmallows, whipped cream, and perhaps a sprinkle of cinnamon. Invite friends to sip, chat, and revel in the cozy warmth.


  1. Crochet Christmas Charm🧶🪡:

Unleash your inner artisan by crocheting charming stockings! Personalize them with festive colors and intricate patterns to make it not just a craft, but also a heartfelt gesture that adds a touch of handmade love to your holiday decor.


  1. Secret Santa🎅🏻🎁:

Delve into the world of mystery and surprises with a Secret Santa gift exchange. Keep the suspense alive until the big reveal, and witness the joy of giving and receiving as friends exchange carefully chosen gifts.


  1. Christmas Tree Decorating🎄❄️:

Transform your living space into a Christmas wonderland by collectively setting up your Christmas tree. Hang your ornaments, and string lights, and don’t forget that quirky topper. It is a group effort that makes the tree truly sparkle with memories!


  1. Midnight Baking Session🍪🌙:

Bring out your mixing bowls and rolling pins for a midnight baking session! Whether it is classic gingerbread men, sugar cookies, or cinnamon rolls, the aroma of freshly baked treats will fill your home with the essence of the season!


This holiday season, let hot cocoa be your elixir, crocheting be your creative outlet, Secret Santa be your mystery, tree decorating be your tradition, and midnight baking be your sweetness to complete your harmony. May your days be merry, your cocoa be hot, and your heart be full of the joy of the season! 🎄☕🎶

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