Benefits of Being A Committee

Authored by: Joshia Mikhael Djuharto (FT ‘21), Jane Simajaya (FSN ‘22), and Mitchell Judah Kusumohardjo (BM ‘22)

As an undergraduate student, academic university life is considered as an important factor for a future success career. However, depicting academic performance, organizational experiences are also crucial for the student’s future prospects as it could bring a lot of benefits. Becoming a committee member in campus events is one of the most convenient ways for undergraduate students to experience organizational committees. To give you more insight, here are some benefits of being a committee member of an event.


  1. Hone your soft skills

Due to various responsibilities and interactions involved, you can enhance your ability to communicate, work together to achieve common goals, develop your leadership, time management, problem solving skills, and many others.


  1. Gain more confidence and experience

Joining an organization helps you build your confidence in teamwork and communication. Exposing yourself to various tasks and interacting with diverse committee members also gives you valuable and new experiences.


  1. Increase your personal value

Being a committee allows you to enhance your soft skills including leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities that collectively add to your value. Thus it could make you a more attractive candidate during interviews and in the job market.


  1. Build and expand your network

You will be able to get to know a lot of new people from different backgrounds. Thus, it could expand your network which is one of the most important factors for your future prospects.


  1. Improve your personal development

Being entrusted with specific tasks boosts yourself with responsibility, contributing to increased self-assurance. Your involvement in organizing events adds to your professional image, showcases your ability to take on responsibilities, work in a team, and deliver successful outcomes.


  1. IT IS FUN!!! 

One of the most beneficial things of being a committee member is the fun experience! Despite all of the workloads given, you will be able to get to know new people and create memorable experiences alongside your fellow committee members!


Other than the aforementioned, there are a lot more benefits that you could achieve by involving yourself in organizational committees. So, what are you waiting for? Go find an event that suits your passion well, and register yourself to be involved in committees!!

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