Scavenger Hunt 2024

Author: Priscilla Klaresza Adhiwijaya (BT ‘21)

Deep within the lovers’ mansion, a mystifying problem had arisen. Where had the bride run off to?


Arranged by the Welfare Division, Scavenger Hunt is an annual event shrouded in mysteries and riddles, where students are tasked with achieving a common narrative-led goal by teaming up in various games and puzzles. On 16 February 2024, À La Folie: Death by Love represented a spooky approach to commemorate this year’s Valentine’s day that had just passed.


On that fateful night, nine groups of players scoured through numerous clues and puzzles in search of the missing lady. Hunted by masked weeping angels scattered throughout the dark rooms and hallways, players were only left with a humble flashlight to defend themselves. Nonetheless, these brave adventurers fought their way through the veil of grief and secrets and managed to break the haunting curse.


Congratulations to those who had successfully uncovered the mystery, those who dressed their best for the night, and, of course, everyone who enjoyed the game. See you in the next Scavenger Hunt!

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