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About SCi

Student Council of i3L (SCi) is an executive student-governed organization which was established in 2014. We function as the representative of the students of i3L and as a bridge between the students and i3L’s management/programs.

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the student council change every single year. The current vision and mission(s) are:


Student Council of i3L aspires to build a sense of pride in the institute while maintaining kinship within the i3L family and to be a bridge between the students, the institute and society.

Mission(s) of SCi 2019-2020:

Current divisions of SCi 2019/2020

1. Learning and Development

The Learning and Development division focuses on enhancing the learning process of the student body. We provide programs and services to encourage both academic and non-academic activities. It includes the initiation of new students into the learning process in i3L and the provision of a platform for students to express their talents by joining clubs and communities that are active in both internal and external events.


2. Community Outreach

Community Outreach (CO) focuses on providing platforms for students to do community services by establishing relationships with various external organizations. i3L students are encouraged to do social work to give back to society and to also shape them into well-rounded adult professionals. This work is usually done through volunteering and charity activities.


3. Welfare

SCi’s Welfare Division is a division which is responsible for planning programs or activities to support the welfare of all i3L family members. Thus, its main goal is to create a student-friendly atmosphere within the campus premises.


4. Business

SCi’s Business Division is responsible for gathering funding and sponsorship to support all Student Council activities/events. The Business Division is also in charge of creating business plans to promote activities within the Student Council. On top of that, the division also collaborates with other divisions to create budgeting plans to finance other divisions’ activities.


Together we improve the quality of life

Student Clubs and Communities

Our Clubs and Communities covering a wide variety of interests for you to join or attend.



i3L BRIGHT (iBRIGHT) refers to soft skills that we hope students can master once they graduated from i3L. Center of Student Development has developed several soft skills training modules to prepare the students for their lives after graduation. Regular topics offered are:

1. Understanding Your Personality

2. Understanding Your Learning Style

3. Study Skills

4. Presentation Skills

5. Emotional Intelligence

6. Stress and How to Cope with It

7. Interview Skills

8. Cover Letter and CV Writing

Despite the regular topics, Center of Student Development always seek new topics and/or guest speakers to help enchance the students’ soft skills development . Some of the topics are:

1. Basic First Aid

2. Communication Skills

3. Public Speaking 101 (in collaboration with Student Council and LSWA)

Career Development Center

CV Writing Workshop with Master
in Biomanagement Students
Interview Skills & Grooming with Kalbe Nutritionals
Job Fair
Mock Interview
Psychology Test by Kalbe Farma
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