i3L Guest Houses

i3L guest houses provide students with facilities and services to ensure their comfort in order to support their studies. Each guest house comes with luxurious beds and linens, attentive housekeeping services, upscale bath amenities, complimentary wireless Internet, and many more facilities to make students feel at home. i3L guest houses are within 5 to 10-minute walking distance.

i3l Guest House Gallery

There are 2 available Guest Houses. Both are within walking distance to the Campus.

Important! As there are a limited number of rooms available, we are implementing a first come-first served policy. Please check with our admissions team for room availability.

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When looking for housing, one of the most important things to consider is location. Learn the different types of housing in Jakarta to ensure that you live in an area where you can feel secure, happy, and connected to your campus life.


Find out why Jakarta is the best place to live, and more importantly, to study.

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