Group of students who are interested in singing in a group Contact: r.alif@i3l.ac.id


Students who are interested in journalism and design creating bimonthly magazine called “Cohort” Contact: a.ambarsari@i3l.ac.id

Traditional Dance club

Group of students who are interested in traditional dance focusing on the Indonesian traditional dance Contact: h.khotimah@i3l.ac.id

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Group of students who are interested in Mix-Martial Arts Contact: k.ramadhana@i3l.ac.id

Music Community

Group of students who are interested in playing music Contact: k.morla@i3l.ac.id

Modern Dance

Group of students who are interested in dancing and modern dance Contact: d.anjani@i3l.ac.id

Performing Arts Club

Group of students who are interested in playing drama Contact: a.devina@i3l.ac.id

Arabesque community

Muslim student’s community. Instead of regular Friday prayer and other program, the students also actively participated in teaching Math, English and Science at Babuttaubah Contact: r.galih@i3l.ac.id


Group of students who are interested in developing the hydroponic plants Contact: b.antonius@i3l.ac.id


Group of students who are interested in scuba diving activities Contact: f.gifari@i3l.ac.id


Group of students who are interested in playing table tennis for sport and fun Contact: e.yovian@i3l.ac.id


Christian-Catholic students community. Contact: f.fedora@i3l.ac.id


Group of students who enjoy playing futsal for sport and fun Contact: s.agustian@i3l.ac.id


For those who are new to the city, Jakarta is a wonderful place to explore, to try something new, develop your skills and get a world class education. Those students already living in Jakarta will know what a great city it is, but will now get to experience it from the perspective of a new student. Jakarta is one of the most exciting cities in the Indonesia and has one of the largest student populations. You will find something to cater for every taste, shopping for the latest fashions, sampling some of the local music, or relaxing in one of the many coffee shops or even undertaking research not just in our campus, but also in our industry partners’ Lab.

The Institute offers many opportunities to get involved in student life.

Join one of our many Student Unions, both offering endless hours of entertainment.
Become a member of a club or society or start your own – an ideal way to make new friends.
Make a difference by standing for election in the Students’ Representative Council.
Become a Student Ambassador and assist at Open Days and Campus Visits.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your time at university as fulfilling and exciting as possible. Life at the I3L is more than just getting a degree.


When you stay at the i3L residence, the goal of our friendly, knowledgeable staff is to help you feel right at home. We’ve taken care of all the important details that make your stay a pleasure — luxurious beds and linens, attentive housekeeping, upscale bath amenities, complimentary wireless Internet throughout guest house, and many more benefit to make you feel at home. The i3L residence has a prime location in the western area of the campus, making it close and convenient for campus-related activities. i3L residence is within a short 5 minute walking distance.


Academic knowledge is not enough to be successful in life. At i3L, we understand that the world beyond the classroom is an essential part of learning and personal development. I3L BRIGHT Program is thoughtfully designed to equip students with a complete set of lifelong skills and competencies.


Indonesia has the potential to be one of the greatest countries on the globe. At i3L, we believe that science will be crucial in empowering Indonesia and enhancing its global competitiveness. Through “Science for Indonesia” we aim to bring science to the community using creative, impactful, and uplifting non-profit activities.

Empowering community through science.

A unique science program specifically designed to empower underprivileged children and families of Kampung Guji, Jakarta – a fun and heartening experience.

Inspiring future scientists

Captivating science activities delivered at schools to aspire young students to become prospective scientists.

Personalized science experience

Customized on-the-job training providing high school students with first-hand experience in science.