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Get the application form (IDR 250.000)

  1. On our Admission 
    (Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM, 
    Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM)
  2. Pay online to Bank BCA  0948838888 an Yayasan Scientia International Indonesia and email us at with subjects: Application Form Payment - Full Name
    and write : full name, mobile number, school, and major of interest, and please attach the evidence of transfer

Submit the following required documents to admission:

  1. A complete application form with correct and valid information
  2. 2 (two) pieces of 4x6 color photograph
  3. 1 (one) copy of identity card (KTP or Passport)
  4. 1 (one) legalized copy of X and XI grade rapport book
  5. i3L fee statement letter, filled out and signed  with a Rp 6.000 legal seal
  6. Receipt of application fee payment


In addition to the above requirements, International Student will also need to submit the following :

  • Letter of guarantee financial statement disclosure
  • Law and employment declaration
  • Medical certificate
  • Medical insurance



For international students, please submit the following additional requirements:

  1. 1 (one) copy of the current passport (first page)
  2. Guarantee financial statement
  3. Law and employment declaration
  4. Medical certificate from a doctor
  5. Medical insurance which can be claimed in Indonesia

Join the Entrance Test (click here for test schedule)



To appreciate prospective students with outstanding achievements or dedication in Life-Sciences, i3L is pleased to offer several types of scholarships



As a premier international higher education institute, i3L is committed to providing world-class education. i3L’s tuition fee schemes have been structured to reflect this commitment and to provide our students with the best education and formation.


Please submit the following documents :

  1. Payment Receipt (for who has been transferred but not submit yet)
  2. 2 copies of Identity Card (KTP/Passport)
  3. 1 copy of Birth Certificate
  4. 1 legalized copy of High School official certificate (Ijazah SMA/SMK/MA)
  5. 1 legalized copy of High School transcript (Surat Keterangan Hasil Ujian SMA/SMK/MA)
  6. 1 legalized copy of XII grade report book
  7. 2 pieces photo (blue background), 2 X 3 colour for Student ID Card
  8. 2 pieces photo (blue background), 3 X 4 colour for the Biodata Sheet
  9. Certification of physical health examination issued by hospital/clinic
  10. Complete the profile form (B1)
  11. Complete the profile form (B2)
  12. Complete the profile form (B3) and Sign the Contract of Study (B3) (duty stamp Rp. 6.000)
  13. Statement Letter of Full Scholarship (for who has been accepted)

Note : During re-registration students will have photo session for student ID. Students will be receiving the following :

  • Academic Calendar
  • Orientation Schedule

For more information, please contact i3L Admission at +62 21 2956 7888.

Robi Kurniyadi