About Master in BioManagement

The i3L Master in BioManagement is meant for fresh graduates and professionals who want to develop their career in the highly complex yet highly promising life science industry.

By learning how to apply business methods and tools into the life science arena, students will master the skills required to translate scientific research and patents into innovative products and viable business opportunities according to the market needs.

The overarching goal of the i3L Master of BioManagement is to provide aspiring life science managers with a deep understanding of the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and business in the context of the life science industry.

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Vision and Mission

To become a leading Master’s Program in Biomanagement which encourages innovation and business development and provides direct contributions towards improving the country’s quality of life and competitiveness which is equipped with a global academic network.

About MSc in International Management

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and its school of business, is one of the most reputable state universities in the country, being placed among the top 10 (6th position) based on the ranking provided by the Economiesuisse. The school of business is one of the biggest in FHNW, with more than 23% of the students enrolled there.

All internal lecturers for master program are Ph.D holders. or/and Professors and the university also engages professionals and externals senior managers for some modules.

The Master of Science in International Management, is a high level program committed to preparing students to lead and manage with self-confidence in a globalizing world. FHNW develops students’ entrepreneurial and intra-preneurial skills and their creative potential. The University is dedicated to focusing on the diversity of people, an optimized return on investment and an intelligent footprint on earth.

The selection process to enter the MSc in International Management is highly competitive

Messages from Heads of Study Program (i3L + FHNW)

Prof. Dr. Lynn Lim
Dean Master of Science in International Management
The Master of Science in International Management program at the School of Business FHNW looks forward to welcoming i3L double degree students to a ditional experience in Switzerland. Our program aims to educate future leaders in managing for the sharing economy and digital future. Our unique international collaborative modules in Europe and other countries will provide Southeast Asia students an opportunity to experience different global shared learning and live projects. Students learn to develop theoretical knowledge for practical advancement through 6 ‘I’s: inspiration, imagination, inclusion, indivisualisation, integration and internationalisation.
Richard Sutejo Ph.D.

Head of Master in BioManagement

Life science industries are one of key industries that continue to grow significantly over the past decade. To sustain such trend, people with various background and skills are required which include the knowledge of the life science itself, business, enterpreneurship, and innovation. The success of life science industries relies on key personnels who understand both management and life sciences. Therefore, it requires an education where science and business can be learnt.

Master of Biomanagement (MBM) in i3L is designed to form graduates with well-rounded skills to be able to manage life science-based industries. The multidisciplinary nature of MBM equips the graduates with knowledge on both life science and management so that they can build and progress their careers in life science industries up to the top management level.

Double Degree Program

Together we create the differences

Eurasia - Pacific Enrichment Economy Problems (EEE)

This elective subject involves student from FHNW, Switzerland and aims to improve the welfare of local economy. EEE was organized in Jayapura in 2018 and Makassar in 2019

MBM Acceleration Program

Master in Biomanagement (MBM) Acceleration Program is a Special Program designed for i3L & iSB students. By joining this program, the student can finish their Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (S1 & S2) in just 5 years. 

If you are a current i3L or iSB student, go to iSB’s MBM Website for more information.

Enrollment Requirements

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