Student Council

Student Council of i3L (SCi) is an executive student-governed organization which was established in 2014. We function as the representative of the students of i3L, also acting as a bridge between the students and i3L’s management/programs.

The vision of the student council is “We aspire to build a sense of pride in the institute while maintaining kinship within the i3L family. To be a bridge between the students, institute and society”

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the student council is adapting every year. On current work period of student council our vision and missions are:


Refining the current system and adapting to dynamic trends among students to create a friendly environment for i3L community to develop their personal interest


Current divisions of SCi 2019/2020

1. Learning and Development

Our division focuses on enhancing the learning process of the student body. We provide programs and services to encourage both academic and non-academic activities. It includes the adaptation of new students with the learning process in i3L and encourages students to express their talents by joining clubs and communities that are active in internal and external events.  


These are programs that are designed exclusively for students to provide academic and soft-skills enhancement:

1. O week (Orientation Week 2019):
Orientation week is a collaboration event between Center of Student Development and Learning and Development Division. It is an event that is held for a week from Friday to Thursday, 23th – 29th August 2019. This event was held in order to welcome the new cohort of 2019 to be a part of i3L’s family and also to help develop their skills related to university life and bonding a strong relationship between them. In this event, the students of cohort 19 were guided to explore every inch of i3L infrastructures, also to create a supportive friendship and relations for future stu1. dies.

2. Peer Mentoring:

Peer Mentoring 2019 is a program dedicated to improve and help cohort 2019 education and adjustment. It is done in the form of group mentoring, planned specifically according to what the student applied for. The program itself opens volunteer positions to become a mentor for the participants; these volunteers are recruited from upper cohorts.

3. Workshop:

a. Public Speaking Workshop: ”Public Speaking 101”:
Public speaking workshop is an event held on Friday, November 15 2019 by Sci L&D division and collaboration with LSWA under CSD supervision that helps i3l students to build confidence in public speaking and focus on how to captivate the audience.

b. Communication Skill Workshop: “Key to Effective Communication”:
Communication skill workshop is an event held on Monday, March 9 2020 by Sci L&D division under CSD supervision that helps educate and increase the capabilities of i3L students to speak English confidently in front of the public’s eye. We encourage students to participate in active discussion and play activities to boost up their communication skills.

4. Leadership Camp:

Leadership Camp is an event held to enhance the leadership/ soft skills of i3L students achieved through self-development sessions and interactive activity. Those who wish to become an SCi member are recommended to join the Leadership Camp while others who simply wish to improve their own leadership skills are more than welcome to join the event.

5. CELL 2019 (Career Exhibition and Professional Networking at i3L):

CELL is designed to aid students with understanding and knowledge of undergraduates (of i3L) towards future potential careers. This event is held on Friday, 29 and Saturday, 30 March 2019. There are 3 main events in CELL: Job Fair, Panel Discussion and Networking Lunch. We invited potential companies and universities from life-sciences in the Job fair on the first day and continued by Panel Discussion with Networking Lunch with brilliant speakers from start up and established companies.

2. Community Outreach

Community Outreach (CO) focuses on providing platforms for students to do community services by establishing relationships with various external organizations. i3L students are encouraged to do social work to give back to society and also shape them into a well-rounded person. This work is usually done by volunteering and charity activities.  


1. Science Tutor Program (STP):

Science Tutor Program is i3L’s CSR program that is focused on teaching Science to children. This program aims to intrigue children’s thoughts on Science and for the volunteers to develop their empathy by willing to share knowledge with others. Science Tutor Program collaborates with House for Reading and Education (HORE) and RPTRA Beringin. HORE sessions are held at Kampung Guji, Kebun Jeruk and RPTRA Beringin sessions are held at RPTRA Beringin in Cempaka Putih. Both collaborations may have up to three sessions each month with both theory and experiments for every session.


2. English Tutor Program (ETP):

English Tutor Program is a CSR program conducted by i3L that is giving a lesson about English to children. Its purpose is to teach English to middle to lower-class children so they can improve their English skills and also apply their skills in real life. ETP is collaborating with RPTRA Kampung Benda, and the session is held two up to three times in a month. ETP already has five batches up until now.

3. Hari Bersih Indonesia (HBI):

In collaboration with Indonesia Indah Foundation, i3L is participating in a national clean up activity called Hari Bersih Indonesia. It is a continuation of CleanUp Jakarta in previous years. HBI aims to raise awareness on reducing waste and sort them properly. Waste around Pulomas is collected and sorted into organic and recyclable by Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Jakarta Timur. After the event, volunteers are expected to spread awareness about waste sorting and lead a minimum-waste lifestyle.

4. Blood Donation:

Blood donation is a bimonthly program conducted in collaboration with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI). The aim of this program is for the students and i3L staff to be able to help by donating blood for those in need. This program is also conducted to help PMI on reaching its target of blood.

5. Movement:

Movement is a newsletter platform provided on Instagram to share the latest news in our surroundings. This program is conducted once in every two weeks with three different topics in each volume. The writers of Movement are the students of i3L themselves that are interested in writing news.

6. Ribbon Run:

Ribbon Run is a charity run that aims to raise awareness and fund for a cause. The first Ribbon Run was in 2018, and we focused on mental health and suicide prevention. We worked with several partners to do a campaign about mental health and numerous sponsors that support our event. Funds that were raised during the run were donated to a foundation that is active in the cause.

7. iThrift:

iThrift is a new program by Community Outreach Division that aims to indirectly increase the quality of life by providing daily necessities for the less fortunate. This program is done by collecting donations in the form of money, high-quality groceries, second-hand items from the i3L family to be sold with cheaper price. The profits from the thrift shop will be donated to an orphanage.

8. Char3L:

The idea of Char3L is to facilitate students to conduct their own charity events. Students are encouraged to submit a charity idea to CO, and the chosen idea will be realized. One of the most popular ideas is Buka Bersama with veteran around Jakarta Timur during Ramadhan.

3. Welfare

The welfare division is a division that is responsible for planning programs or activities to support the welfare of students as well as the other i3L family members. Thus, create a student-friendly atmosphere on the campus grounds. 


1. Gathering Night:

Gathering Night is an event that focuses on enhancing the togetherness between i3L family members. This event was presented by the new cohort supervised by the welfare division for them to learn how the university and organizational works. The new cohort was given responsibility for conducting an event where everyone can get to know each other better to create a comfortable environment in the new semester.

2. Halloween:

Halloween is an annual event that is usually held after mid-exams to relieve our stress and be able to have some time to have fun. In this event, all the participants are required to dress up according to the theme of the event. The main idea was to strengthen the bond between i3L family members and celebrate Halloween as i3L is a multicultural campus.

3. Movie Night and Games Night:

As we are prioritizing the well-being of students, the welfare division provides bi-monthly events in which i3L families can be entertained. The event switches from Games Night to Movie night bi-monthly in which to maintain the bond between i3L families as well as to come up with a refreshing event regularly.

4. i3L’s Got Talent:

IGT is an event that is held to showcase the talent of i3L students. The performers will be from i3L. With a semi-formal dress code for the audience, this event aims to end the year well with a homey and supportive vibe of one another.

5. Sports Week:

Sports Week is a whole week full of sports competitions in hopes to promote teamwork and sportsmanship. Allowing students to compete for fun, regardless of gender gives a sense of belonging. At the end of the week, the victors are presented with recognition and prizes to introduce a culture of hard work and equality.

6. iGlass:

As a zero-waste campus, it is important to minimize waste, especially plastic waste. One of the movements to support this idea was iGlass, an innovation to replace plastic bottles in i3L. 24 glasses are placed on top of the water dispenser in the canteen, free for students to use for drinking.

7. Cultural Week:

Cultural Week is an annual event held at i3L to appreciate and celebrate different cultures from all around the world. During the cultural week, the campus will be decorated with accessories of different cultures. Some events such as a food festival, games, and competitions also take place.

4. Business

Business division is responsible for gathering funding and sponsorship to support all Student Council activities/ events. Besides that, the business division is also in charge of creating business plans to promote activities within the Student Council. Lastly, our division also collaborates with other divisions to create budgeting plans to finance other division’s activities.


Printing Services:

Business division is responsible for gathering funding and sponsorship to support all Student Council activities/ events. Besides that, the business division is also in charge of creating business plans to promote activities within the Student Council. Lastly, our division also collaborates with other divisions to create budgeting plans to finance other division’s activities.

i3L Merchendize:

To create and build the sense of belonging to i3L campus, the business division offers various merchandise that strengthen the bonds within i3l’s family and at the same time promotes i3L to outside people. With affordable prices, the merchandise ranged from T-shirt, tote bag, eating utensils, metal straw, and many more to come!

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