Technological Developments

Technology continues to develop and touches all aspects of life. This does not apply to information and communication only, but the technological developments also happen in other fields, including technology in the food sector.

Technological Developments Not Only in Information and Communication


Head of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L), Siti Muslimatun said that there were many advantages to studying food and nutrition science. For example, food and beverage industry companies, which need experts to analyze the nutritional content of the products produced or in the quality control and assurance department.

Government agencies also need personnel from the knowledge field of food and nutrition science in standard-setting, food inspection, surveys, as well as counseling and communication to the general public.

Application of Technology in Food Science and Nutrition

“Food science is more than just what we put into the body, but also studies and finds ways to ensure that what we eat is safe,” She said in an official statement, quoted on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. Siti explained that nutrition is a field of science that studies the importance of nutrition in human life, the relationship between diet and lifestyle, understanding of intake and provision of information, intake or food containing high nutritional content, and healthy eating patterns.

“From babies, our nutritional needs are constantly changing. Differences in gender and health status comprehensively also lead to different nutritional needs,” She said. Along with the increasing public understanding of the important role of nutrition on public health status, We need more experts in the food and nutrition sector for the nation’s progress. “Graduates of nutrition science also have a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurship, for example, in the catering business. With entrepreneurship, you also create a job field,” She said.

For your information, I3L is one of the universities that offer food and nutrition science majors and follows the international standards guideline. Our Graduates also have expertise in the food sector, which can be applied all over the world.

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