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Congratulations to Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Students

Following their accomplishment in the Program Kreati- vitas Mahasiswa (PKM) 8 Bidang, i3L students have successfully secured the Scientific Article category under PKM Incentive Scheme. The announcement was issued by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology on August 9, 2022.

The team was led by Winda Hasuki from BioInformatics 2018 under the supervision of Pak David Agustriawan, Ph.D. The scientific article was the result of interdisciplinary work. The project was developed by BioInformatics students (Tyniana Carissa Tera from BioInformatics 2018 and Nelson Chandra from BioInformatics 2020) and BioMedicine students (Mario Marcelo Goh from Biomedicine 2019 and Naftalie Christabel Tantokusumo from Biomedicine 2019). 

Under the title of In-Silico: Bias Gender miRNA pada Karsinoma Sel Jernih Ginjal Berpotensi Sebagai Biomarker untuk Pria dan Wanita, 

the group was profiling the different sex-based miRNA expressions, which potentially can be used to identify the Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC) biomarkers. Subsequently, 3 miRNA was found as prospective biomarkers for male and 1 miRNA for the female population. Among the prospective biomarkers, miR-204 showed the preeminent result.

PKM 2022 Winners from i3L

Congratulations to Biotechnology and Pharmacy Students

Earlier in PKM 8 Bidang, three groups of students have propitiously won the grant with the project:

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