Have you ever wondered how much food ended up in the landfills to rot? According to USDA, just by 2010, around 133 billion pounds of food were thrown away yearly in the United States! Imagine how much it is around the world today with population increment. Hence, the Community Outreach Division, alongside the Communication Division collaborated with Gourmet Community to raise awareness regarding food issues.

Share to Aware is a campaign program by the Student Council of i3L to raise awareness regarding occuring issues which involved both i3L students and the public. There will be 2 periods for this campaign program with the first campaign being held on 12th until 16th October 2021 and the second period will be held in March 2022. In collaboration with Gourmet Community, the first batch of Share to Aware had a theme of “Foodamental” to celebrate the World Food Day.

Around 300 participants from i3L and the public took part in sharing about the importance of finishing meals, eating healthy, nurturing Indonesian traditional food, and to share with those in need as well. Therefore, we hope that all of us can be more aware of what we consume! Don’t forget to join the next period of the Share to Aware campaign!

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