Elizabeth Furio Perez, BBF, MBA, DBA.

Faculty of International Business Management

Research Interest

Elizabeth Furio Perez, B.B.F., M.B.A., D.B.A.


Elizabeth Furio Perez, BBF, MBA, DBA.. has been an international educator for 36 years now in the field of teaching and educational management in the Philippines, Vietnam, UAE, Denmark, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Dr. Beth has assisted schools and colleges in their curriculum development, new courses offerings, accreditation, and linkages with various international universities such as the University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) in Switzerland, Lincoln College University in Malaysia, and others. Dr. Beth is an Adviser of theses and dissertations of graduate schools in a wide range of areas such as social development, women studies, energy resources, education management, business development, and urban development. Her educational management experiences include roles such as head of business development, academic head, course leader, head of academic quality assurance, and chair of the accreditation for faculty area.

Dr. Beth, as a business administration specialist, has provided workshops, training, and mentoring to entrepreneurs and young businessmen in Myanmar, Vietnam, UAE, and the Philippines.  When in Denmark, she was an IDP (Internally Displaced Person) Volunteer- Educator to the asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, and African countries. Moreover, Dr. Beth was the head of the single women professionals in one major city in the Philippines. This group of women professionals incorporated a self-reliant NGO that provides scholarships to the children of marginalized families, conducts training and livelihood activities to the non-working mothers, and gives assistance to families affected by natural calamities.

Dr. Beth is a 3- time recipient of the Netherlands Fellowship Program sponsored by NUFFIC and was given a Leadership Excellence award in one of these grants. In addition, she was granted a sponsorship by World Bank Institute in Paris to participate in the global training for international trade and finance for the central bankers all over the world as an academician from the Philippines.


Research Activity and Highlighted Project

Selected Publication

Perez, E. F., & Linn, M. K. (2021). Political Factors that Influence the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 12(2), 70-91.

Perez, E. F. (2021). Job Satisfaction of Women Lawyers in Myanmar. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 12(1), 458-475.


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