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Dennis Naktekpang x iCS 2024

For iCS 2024, we are collaborating with Dennis Guido (@naktekpang), a Food Technology and Food Science Nutrition influencer who is passionate in sharing fun science experiments. By joining iCS 2024, you will have the opportunity to be judged by Dennis Naktekpang and learn directly from him. So, don’t wait anymore, register your team now and show what you got!

About i3L Competition Series (iCS)

i3L Competition Series (iCS) is an annual competition series held by the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences. Specifically designed for high school students, iCS aims to explore the potential of high school students in Indonesia to develop sustainable science and technology tools/product advancement. 

Through this competition, students are expected to create innovative new products as a response to the development of advanced science and technology in Indonesia.

iCS 2024: Healthy Heritage

iCS 2024 celebrates the transformative power of Indonesian healthy heritage. Share your vision for products, practices, or initiatives that embody wellness through sustainability. We invite high school students to participate in the development of packaged food and beverage products that are not only healthy and sustainable but also authentically Indonesian.

Our Focus:

1) Embrace Indonesian heritage

Utilize indigenous ingredients, culinary techniques, and flavors to create authentic and unique products.

2) Promote health and well-being

Formulate products with nutritional value, considering sugar content, fat content, salt content, and inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals, and bioactive compounds . 

3) Prioritize sustainability

Focus on eco-friendly packaging, responsible sourcing of ingredients, and minimization of waste throughout the production process.

Our Timeline:

  • 1 May –  19 July 2024:  Registration Period
  • 29 July 2024: Like Counting Deadline for IG Reels 
  • 3 August 2024: Announcement: Semifinalists & Favorite Winner
  • 10 August 2024: Opening Ceremony (Online via Zoom)
  • 24 August 2024: i3L Workshop (Offline at i3L Campus)
  • 25 August 2024: Semifinal Presentation (Hybrid (Online & Offline at i3L Campus)


  • 31 August 2024: Consultation Session (Online via Zoom)
  • 7 September 2024: Prototype Making (Offline at i3L Campus)
  • 8 September 2024: Final Presentation & Winner Announcement (Offline at i3L Campus)

Our Rewards:

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iCS 2023


Theme: Skinovation

iCS Skinovation 2023, highlights the need for innovative skincare. Innovative skincare is important due to the growing consumer demand for new and more effective skincare products, advancements in technology leading to personalization solutions, increasing environmental awareness, as well as positive social impact and economic growth through job and business opportunities in the industry.

400+ Participants | 55+ Schools | 16 Cities

Business Consultation

Prototype Making

Project Presentation

Final Result

1st Place 

Th1nker Bell / Pah Tsung School / Jakarta

2nd Place 

Thalya Creators / Cita Hati West / Surabaya

3rd Place 

SkBGT / IPEKA BSD / Jakarta

Our Focus:


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