Gathering Night 2020 Slumber Party

Every new academic year, i3L students would always have an annual event, namely Gathering Night, that is prepared by the new coming cohorts and attended by all i3L students for the purpose of creating a bond between the new coming cohort and upper cohorts. Gathering Night is always conducted at the beginning of the semester within the i3L campus with a different theme every year completed by creative, fun, and interactive games and activities which create new and unforgettable memories for both the new cohort and upper cohorts. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Gathering Night 2020 is conducted online, but the event is equally fun with the previous Gathering Nights as well! The theme this year is “Slumber Party”, where all participants were  required to wear their pajamas to the zoom call. Participants were randomly divided into groups which include students from different cohorts and they participated in games as well.

The event started with an ice breaker game that required participants to guess a song based on a translation of the songs’ lyrics and was verbalized by google translate. Following the ice breaker game were performances by several students of Cohort 2020 which included singing, beatboxing, and also dancing. All the participants were amazed by the amazing performances that showed the spectacular talents of Cohort 2020. Subsequently, after the performances, the games started. The first game required three selected participants to tell a story according to four pictures given in only 3 minutes. After the break, there were minigames with breakout rooms that required each group to compete one to another with different types of games in every room. The minigames made every participant participate and had fun. Lastly, the event was wrapped up with the legendary “Who Looks Like Me” game which is one of the highlighted games in every Gathering Nights. In this game, the committee would find pairs from the new cohort and other cohorts that look alike.

It was a very fun and memorable event. Although conducted online, it was still very engaging and equally fun to the previous Gathering Night events. The committees were very creative in preparing the event, the MCs were very enthusiastic and entertaining, and the decoration was very beautiful and pleasant to see. It is settled to say that the “Gathering Night 2020: Slumber Party” was another great and memorable event.

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