i3L Visited Rumah Tempe Azaki

By Junaida Astina, Ph.D
Faculty member of Food Science and Nutrition

Food Science and Nutrition Visited Rumah Tempe Azaki

Rumah tempe Azaki has successfully creating a demand for tempeh in Japan’s market.
They exported more than 18 tons tempeh to Japan in 2021 and will continue to export tempeh to Japan in the near future.

On January 20th 2022, Food Science and Nutrition faculty member visited tempeh production house, namely Rumah Tempe Azaki (RTA), in Bogor, West Java. Rumah tempe Azaki was established in 2019. Rumah Tempe Azaki changes the perspective of tempeh production from an unhygienic to a modern and hygienic tempeh production. The owner attended workshops and training on food safety, GMP, and hygienic tempeh production from several institutions, such as Food Quality and Safety Assurance Professional Certification Body, Indonesia Tempeh Forum, and United States Soy Export Council (USSEC). Rumah Tempe Azaki keeps improving its quality to reach the traditional, retail, and international markets. Currently, RTA achieves three certifications from National Agency for Drugs and Foods Control (BPOM), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Halal from Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).

i3l x rumah tempe azaki

The tempeh business declined in pandemic situation due to the closure of several traditional markets. However, Rumah Tempe Azaki was able to export 4,8 tons of frozen tempeh to Japan, marketed as tempe Arumia, in June 2021 following several improvements to meet Japan’s Food and Drug Administration standard. The tempeh was instantly sold out in Japan. Thereafter, RTA increased the export value three times higher to 13,8 tons tempeh to Japan in October 2021. In Japan, tempe Arumia is marketed in 60% outlets of Gyomu Supermarket which has more than 900 outlets across Japan. Behind the success story of RTA, there were a lot of obstacles in tempeh production, such as challenge in reducing fiber content of tempeh, temporarily postponement due to black spores in tempeh, over fermentation due to alteration of production period, and many more. The owner consulted to tempeh experts and Embassy of Indonesia in Japan to overcome the problems and to communicate the solution. Nevertheless, RTA did not give up delivering the delicacy of tempeh worldwide.

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