The Life Science Writers Association (LSWA) is an academic club determined to nurture and develop students to become fruitful scholars of the scientific community. This club aims to be a platform where students are consistently driven to utilize and advance their writing dexterity to complement their analytical skills in order to properly present their work.

It is envisioned that this club, albeit being a student-based community, significantly contributes to the scientific community in interdisciplinary areas of life science.

Typically our weekly meetings tackle relevant areas of discussions to equip our members with the necessary tools to progress in their writing. Additionally, we also conduct annual outings to build a greater sense of unity.

This club has seen several achievements over its short amount of years being active. There have been papers published in several journals, as well as winning spots in competitions. In the coming years, this club expects to see more achievements and contributions to the scientific community.


  1. 2nd International Conference on Global Health (August 2017)
  2. 2nd Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute International Conference (September 2017)


  1. Romanian Journal of Internal Medicine
  2. Advanced Science Letters; Status: Manuscript submitted to ASL by ICGH committee
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