The MMA community is a platform for i3L students to do extracurricular activities that are related to martial arts. The MMA community is one of i3L’s oldest communities which was established by Kahfi Ramadhana from cohort 2014.

The community’s vision is to improve the martial arts skills of its members.

The community’s mission is to provide a  learning platform for students to practice their mixed martial arts skills based on the teachings of kickboxing (which includes punching, kicking, grappling, take down techniques and regular physical exercise activities to improve health and physical abilities).

Regular activities are held once a week. Activities are usually conducted in 3-hour sessions after office hours (17:00).

The activities consist of warm ups and lessons on mixed martial art techniques which are delivered by the instructor/coach. The materials are delivered based on several martial arts techniques such as taekwondo, muay thai, boxing and jiu jitsu. 

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