First established in September 2018, FRAMED is the first community in i3L which provides a platform for those who have huge interests in photography and videography.

  • To create a platform for students who are interested in photography or videography to express themselves
  • To enable members to learn about photography through hands-on trainings and workshops 
  • To provide opportunities for the members to participate in any student-organized campus events as the documentation team; as well as to improve the documentation quality of student-organized campus events.
  • To share experiences and skills in photography and videography within members
  • Regular activities (bi-weekly) → Sharing and learning sessions about photography (triangle exposure, food photography, flat lay photography, etc.).
  • Special activities (Photo hunting) → These types of activities are conducted based upon the agreement of BPH and the members during the first meeting of each semester. Outdoor photo hunting activities aimed to further implement the knowledge from the sharing and learning sessions. However, the schedule for these activities and the location might be changed and depends on the situations around the time of the activities.

We focus more on the activities/events within the campus, especially those which require documentation. Therefore, so far, we have no participation in any competitions yet.

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