COVID-19 Talks by I3L Faculties are a series of webinar events held from 6th to 22nd of July 2020. The event’s speakers are taken from i3L lecturers from each i3L study program, which are Entrepreneurship, Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Food Science, Food Technology, and Pharmacy. The Webinar series was held publicly and delivered in Bahasa to inform the public about the perspectives of scientists pertaining to COVID-19 issues.   Below are the title delivered by each of the study programs:  
  1. Menemukan Obat COVID-19 Menggunakan Ilmu Bioinformatika” presented by Dr.rer.nat Arli Aditya Parikesit from the Bioinformatics study program;
  2. Membedakan Fakta dari Hoax” presented by Marsia Gustiananda, Ph.D. from the Biomedicine study program,
  3. Ini Dia Obatnya” presented by Audrey Cristalia, M.Sc., Apt. from the Pharmacy study program,
  4. Imunitas dan Pola Makan Gizi Seimbang untuk Sistem Pertahanan Tubuh pada Masa Pandemi” presented by Siti Muslimatun Ph.D. and Widya Indriani, S.TP., M.Sc. from the food science study program,
  5. Kiat Praktis Menjaga Kebersihan dan Keamanan Pangan di Rumah” presented by Iwan Surjawan, Ph.D. from the Food technology study program,
  6. Perkembangan Vaksin COVID-19 dalam Perspektif Bioteknologi” presented by Ihsan Tria P, M.S., from the Biotechnology study program
  7. “New Normal, Kesempatan Baru untuk Para Pengusaha” presented by Fariz Hutama Putra Harjanto, M.B.A., from the Entrepreneurship study program.
  Each and every webinar session was well received by the public. The majority of the attendees are university students, lecturers, and also employees of government agencies such as Eijkmann, BSN, Indonesian Ministry of Health, and etc. The event receives positive feedbacks from the attendees and hopes for when the next event will be held pertaining to COVID-19 issues.
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