Business Simulation

The Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS) is the perfect immersive learning tool to implement Blue Ocean theories and understand how they work in a real business context.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS)

How do iSB students learn Blue Ocean Strategy?

Just like a vast, blue ocean, there are markets that are yet to be explored. BOSS trains students in skills required to explore unknown markets that are untainted by competitions. Examples of renowned companies that started out by attaining untapped markets are:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Marvel Studios
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Wikipedia

How does Blue Ocean Strategy Simulations work ?

BOSS allows students to apply different business theories, methodologies, and tools for understanding key concepts and practices of real-life businesses.

Key Concepts

Break away from the competition
Create a new market space
Seize new growth

Put Into Practice

A new approach to positioning
Growing an industry by growing demand
Reconstructing market boundaries
Desegmenting markets
Pursuing both differentiation and low cost
Strategic pricing plans

Together we create the differences

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