The Ridiculous Overuse of Plastic

By Solmaz Aslanzadeh Ph.D. Faculty of BioTechnology Plastics have conquered our world! One might wonder how did that happen? The answer lies in history. It was at the beginning of the last century that we found a novel and cheap

Using Genetic Engineering to Make Designer Fruits

By M. ABDURRAHMAN MAS, MSc Faculty of Food Technology Designer fruits are fruits which have a set of specific quality traits that makes the fruits more appealing to the customer compared to their non-designer counterparts. These traits range from the

i3L brought people together to advance Indonesia’s biopharmaceutical industry in AICON 2019

On November 5 – 7, 2019, i3L hosted the first Asia Integrated Conference (AICON) in Life Science themed “Can Indonesia be a Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Powerhouse?”. AICON in Life Sciences is a regional life science conference that aims to highlight the


Makassar has enormous potential to be the driving force of Indonesia’s economy through their resources such as the industry sector, fisheries, food, and ecotourism. To assist the Makassar government to fulfill the city’s potential, i3L organized an international conference in

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