What You Can Do With Biomedicine

Biomedicine, sometimes Biomedical Science or in a shorter and cooler term, Biomed is the field of study that focuses on the areas of biology and chemistry that are relevant to healthcare. It is an academic field dedicated to the advancement of human medicine and well-being.

S1 Biomedicine

S1 Biomedicine
What You Can Do With Biomed

For the common ears hearing the word, Biomed is kinda new and rather odd. It’s namely because BioMed is still not widely known by the wider community. Not like any other scientific profession which gain more popularity such as a Doctor or physician, BioMed is more excluded. It’s like the long lesser-known relative of a Doctor or physician. But make no mistake what Doctor applied and practiced, mostly from the output of BioMed.

If We gonna talk about what You can do with BioMed, we can take a look at the basic and most important purpose of BioMed itself, which is “an academic field dedicated to the advancement of human medicine and well-being.” That makes Biomed have a significant role in helping the rapid growth of healthcare advancement.

As it quoted from Melinda Siswanto, M.Eng (Biomedical), Teaching Staff of the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L).

biomedicine serves as one of the tools to understand how the human body works at the molecular level. This knowledge will form the basis for the discovery and design of therapeutic strategies.

“Biomedicine is a field of science that focuses on human health and public welfare. The biomedical scope includes analyzing biological samples, conducting research on human diseases, participating in the development of therapeutic strategies; such as vaccines, medicines, and medical care,” said Melinda Siswanto in her official statement.

With today’s technological advancement, more and more are starting to use biomedical technology for health and opening up new sciences and industries that are often known as MedTech.

After We take a little dive and get to know about BioMed and its role So, what you can do with it :

1.the discovery of a new vaccine

this can be done with the help of the genetic engineering process. and that is one of the Biomedicine disciplines.

  1. Discovery of cancer antibodies

overtime, there are several types of drugs from biomedical technology that are able to give full effect to cancer patients.

  1. Maximizing the use of micro bacteria and nanobacteria

Nanobacteria are also needed in the medical world, especially in genetic engineering. The production of antibodies is done by using bacteria as antigens.

  1. Extend human life

The application of this technology is like a pacemaker. It’s a device that uses for a patient with coronary heart disease and it is still widely used.

  1. Digitally process patient surgery

The use of biomedical techniques such as the administration of amino acids through an IV to reduce pain or other partial effects can help the operation process run more effectively and efficiently.

  1. Revolutionary Concept Development In The Medical World

Biomedical engineers play a role in developing medical device technology. Combination of engineering principles with biological knowledge to meet medical needs such as :

  • Artificial organs
  • Surgical Robot
  • Advanced Prosthetics (advanced fake body parts)
  • New drugs
  • Kidney dialysis.

Here at I3L Biomedicine study program focuses on research and innovation that bridge the research on human health with drug development. I3L Biomedicine study program utilizes the triple-helix (academia, business, and government) approach that strategizes and implements the most relevant Biomedicine research and development to the community. for more detail info visit our website and give our social media a follow.

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