What are stem cells and what does it do to cure cancer?


When cancer cell has developed inside the body, that’s the sign that the body’s immune system considers cancer cells to be good cells. To prevent the cancer cells from developing, usually doctors will give chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or hormone therapy. Then one of the cancer treatments that is currently being developed in Indonesia is stem cells or simply replace cells damaged by cancer.

Maybe you have read the news about stem cells from Krisdayanti to make you look younger. Many people do not know, that stem cells can be applied by cancer sufferers. To discuss it more deeply, this article will be discussed about the meaning of stem cell, its purpose, and whether all types of cancer is suitable with this therapy.

History of Stem Cells for healing cancer

Stem cells have a long history of human health. First developed in the 1960s, scientists first tried stem cells in mice and succeed. After that, the scientists think about how to store cells first before placing them into cells that wanted to be replaced. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the first human cells were stored and in the 90s stem cells were introduced.

Them, stem cells to cure cancer were carried out in the early 2000s. Some kinds of tumors that are successfully treated with stem cells are brain tumors, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and melanoma skin cancer. However, not all hospitals can perform stem cells to cure cancer.

Replacing damaged cells

Cancer cells are bad cells that can ear away organs, reproduce, and can cause death when they are in the advanced stages. Now, to overcome cancer cells that cannot be done by operation, chemotherapy, or even radiotherapy, stem cells can be done with a very in-depth diagnosis. So you could say, stem cells are the process of healing cancer by replacing damaged cells because of cancer cells.

A process that you will go through is an oncologist or an internal medicine doctor who will first diagnose whether stem cells can be done or not. If it is possible for stem cells, the next process is to find suitable cells, and ready to be transplanted. Then, that cell will be kept in special media, so that the cell will stay alive, then the cells will be transplanted.

It looks simple, right? But process by process from stem cells to cure cancer requires a lot of money. The process of storing cells can only be done in a few places, and doctors cannot do stem cell procedures carelessly.

Even though up until now, stem cells can only be done by certain types of cancer, of course, this is a new hope because several processes have been declared successful. Hopefully, the above article can provide a little insight into stem cells for healing cancer.


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