Virtual Pharmacist is The New Popular Kid in Town​

We live in a time of uncertainty, with covid-19 still raging on globally it is safe to say we are better off staying inside, staying away from public areas as much possible as we can.

Virtual Pharmacist is The New Popular Kid in Town

 It makes our mobility to access our basic needs are limited. Even at the beginning of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not recommended to go to the hospital if we are not in a state of emergency. And still, some of us need access to certain drugs or make ends meet with the drugs that general practitioners prescribe for us.

But not to forget that We’re living in an era where technology is becoming our part of basic needs. In that case, everything is accessible through your fingertips. Nowadays everything is online. Shopping, Streaming movies, Gaming, Eating to connect with other human beings from the other side of the world is possible online. Entering this new online trend is a Virtual Pharmacist.

What is a Virtual Pharmacist ?

Virtual Pharmacist is an online service by registered pharmacists and technicians. They provide several clinical and administrative services that will not only reduce the pressure on your entire practice but help the practice be more efficient and effective. A virtual pharmacist works online to verify prescriptions and processes inpatient and outpatient orders.

Your responsibilities are to evaluate prescriptions for drug-drug interactions and contradictions with recorded drug allergies, review for appropriate dose and accurate directions, process new and renewed orders, and consult with physicians as necessary.

This method was already introduced back in 2014. One of the pioneers for this Virtual Pharmacist was Roby Miller the Founder and CEO of TelePharm. Where He enables pharmacists to remotely verify prescriptions and counsel patients from any store, maximizing the pharmacy’s output by sharing payroll costs over multiple stores.

Raby then said, “there will be a big demand for pharmacists to consult patients online.” He continues “My goal at TelePharm is that we are the connector between pharmacists and their patients… we would like to make pharmacists the most accessible healthcare provider in the U.S.”

As a Virtual Pharmacist, You have responsibilities such as evaluating prescriptions for drug-drug interactions and contradictions with recorded drug allergies, reviewing for appropriate dose and accurate directions, processing new and renewed orders, and consulting with physicians as necessary. One of the Virtual Pharmacist’s duties is requesting prior authorizations for prescriptions and ensuring all documentation is accurate and complete.

Pharmacy at i3L

To be one of the Virtual Pharmacists You need a bachelor’s degree and must complete a program from a college accredited. In that part, We at i3L can offer some insight for you. The Pharmacy program at I3L is a world-class pharmacy school that trains the students on how to solve most medical problems. Our main goal is to provide pharmacists who have a strong background in research and clinical applications, realizing that Indonesia has been lacking high-quality research pharmacists. Hence, our program offers hands-on practical experience on advanced laboratory techniques, semi-independent projects, clinical case studies, and elective courses that support interdisciplinary knowledge in life sciences.

Secondly, You must know pharmaceutical software and electronic health record systems, and the requirements for proper completion for processed prescriptions. Because you work remotely, you need reliable internet and updated computer equipment. Essential skills include attention to detail, analytical thinking, and a flexible schedule.

Pharmacy Bachelor's Program

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