Vaccines, undervalued & underappreciated medical product Will COVID-19 change This?

i3L has successfully held the latest edition of Power Talk, this time with Ines I.C. Atmosukarto, Ph.D., CEO of Lipotek Pty Ltd. Dr. Ines shared some insights during her talk titled “Vaccines, an Undervalued and Underappreciated Medical Product: will COVID-19 Change This?” on December 1, 2020.

The talk highlighted how valuable vaccines are for public health intervention. This power talk began with the explanation on the basic knowledge of vaccines and how they can be developed. This talk also touched upon the functions of vaccines for the human body and how they can cure infectious diseases in the current COVID-19 pandemic and their use as cancer therapeutics. Vaccines also are a more affordable option compared to immunotherapy.

This edition of the Power Talk session was received positively by the public. The majority of the attendees were i3L students, lecturers from other universities, highschool students and members of LAM-PTKes. The event received positive feedback from the attendees, the speaker was deemed very informative as she covered all the basics of vaccines so that the students could understand their uses better.



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