Three i3L Students Successfully Secured PKM 2022

PKM 2022 Winners from i3L

Congratulations to Biotechnology and Pharmacy Students

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The Student Creativity Program (PKM) was launched by the Directorate General of Higher Education is an effort to foster, facilitate, and create students’ creative and innovative ideas. The Student Creativity Program (PKM) is a program which was launched since 2001. PKM is a forum for students to study, explore and apply the knowledge they have learned in lectures to the wider community. PKM has 7 fields, which are generally separated into PKM 5 fields and PKM 2 fields. PKM 5 fields consist of PKM-Research (PKM-P), PKM-Community Service (PKM-M), PKM-Entrepreneurship (PKM-K), PKM-Application of Technology (PKM-T), and PKM-Karsa Cipta ( PKM-KC). The end of PKM 5 This field will be competed on a national scale PIMNAS competition. In addition there are PKM 2 fields which consist of Scientific Articles (PKM-AI) and Written Ideas (PKM-GT).

PKM 2022 Winner Announcement

Hats off to Devina Checylia Setiawan (Biotechnology 2019), Fenny Soetanto (Pharmacy 2019), and Matthew Chrisdianto (Biotechnology 2018) whose proposals have been selected to receive Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa 2022 grant by DIKTI.

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