The Metaverse A Promising Revolutionary In Medical Education

In the wake of the multiverse as we recently witnessed famously in MCU’s Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness or the many variants of life you can choose to live in the Everything Everywhere All At Once, One of the most influential CEO of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg just announce He’ll create one universe of its own. The Metaverse.

What Metaverse is to be exact? An easy analogy would be the same as what happened in the movie Ready Player One (2018). In a close scientific approach, explanation Metaverse is the amalgamation of technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or MR (mixed reality) as well as artificial intelligence (AI)

Although there is still confusion about how the Metaverse will manifest itself, the concept of the Metaverse has begun to be adopted by other sectors in its application. One of the sectors that try to adopt the Metaverse is Medical Education. and here are some of the ideas.

Augmented Reality Use In Surgical Operation

AR is now being used in more complex surgeries. Whether removing dangerous tumors or conducting a complex spinal surgery. Even in recent development robot-aided to help to undertake complex procedures with accuracy and flexibility.

Improving Health, Well-Being, and Quality Of Life

Augmented Reality has already been applied in some day-to-day life-improving health, such as fitness apps, which give their users a virtual instructor. Virtual Reality can use to improve the life of a patient with dementia.

Bridge-building between nursing school and real-life patient

Providing high-quality pieces of information is the responsibility of instructors, therefor virtual programs can stimulate on-site nursing abilities.

although most of those mentioned above are still ideas and still need further development in the application if the metaverse works as promised then it is not impossible to achieve.




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