The environment and climate change are important topics of discussion at the G20 2022

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kemen LHK) will bring 7 environmental issues to be discussed at the G20 Summit which will be held in November 2022 in Bali. The 7 issues are (1) Land Degradation; (2) Halting Biodiversity Loss; (3) Integrated and Sustainable Water Management; (4) Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy; (5) Marine Litter; (6) Ocean Conservation; and (7) Sustainable Finance.

The world in the future will face even more severe challenges due to increasingly severe environmental damage. For this reason, environmental issues are a priority issue discussed in the G20 Presidency in addition to economic recovery.

One of the working groups in the Indonesian Presidency at the G20, the Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group (EDM-CSWG), discusses development issues related to the environment and climate control. Through this meeting, the G20 countries united their commitment to answering various environmental problems.

there are three important points that are a priority apart from the 7 points that will be discussed. (1)supporting more sustainable recovery (2) enhancing land-and-sea-based actions to support environmental protection and climate objectives (3)enhancing resource mobilization to support environmental protection and climate objectives.

The three priority issues are discussed in parallel through 2 main elements, namely the environment and climate change as well as the interlinkage between the two aspects.

The purpose of this two-day meeting is to discuss and finalize the preparation of the Communique which will later be discussed at the Ministerial level meeting.

The discussion process of these commitments faced quite a challenge given the various point of view and implications for the interests of each member country.

It is hoped that this third meeting will produce an output document containing views and commitments to continuously improve efforts to implement environmental management and control of climate change by G20 member countries. The meeting will also contribute to the achievement of global environmental goals and targets with the principle of leading by example, recovering together recover stronger.



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