Student Council of i3L (SCi) is an executive student-governed organization which plays a role as the bridge between different student bodies and the institution. E-magazine is one of the 2020-2021 SCi cabinet’s plans for the academic year and the official name for it is ‘SCi-Mag’. 

So, what is SCi-Mag? SCi-Mag is an electronic magazine that consists of various topics written from different perspectives. It provides contents on personal growth, entertainment recommendations, healthy recipes, DIY tips, community-oriented programs, SCi events, interviews with remarkable individuals and trending issues. SCi strives to share innovative and diverse information with a wider audience through this magazine. SCi-Mag will be published bimonthly on an online platform. 

The first volume of SCi-Mag with the title ‘STEPPING ANEW’ is out!

This volume discusses i3L news, online learning tips, tips to manage your money, “quarantalks” with faculty members, “failure” and its impacts, Netflix recommendations, impact of COVID 19 on animal welfare, World Mental Health Day and Orientation Week 2020 recap. Aside from the contents mentioned above, SCi also provides an entertainment section which is a game corner that is presented to have fun.  Enjoy your reading!

Check this link -> SCi-Mag Volume 1 <- to read the SCi-Mag Volume 1.

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