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Do you love yourself? Well, it is a brief question yet it makes you think a lot. According to Dr. Joe Rubino, 85% of Americans suffer from low self esteem. With that in mind, the Community Outreach Division together with the Communication Division collaborated to increase awareness in regards to self love. 

Share to Aware

Share to Aware is a campaign program by the Student Council of i3L’s Community Outreach Division to raise awareness regarding occuring issues by involving both i3L students and the public. This batch was done on 8th-13th of  February 2022. In this Share to Aware batch, the theme adapted was “Philautia”, meaning self love in Greek. We hope that all the participants that joined the campaign could love themselves.

Hundreds of participants from both i3L and public joined the campaign where they learnt to know themselves, acknowledged their feelings and even gave letters for their past and future self. Thus, we sincerely hope that all the participating members can cherish themselves after the campaign.

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