SCi is an internal organization within the institute that serves as a bridge between students, institute and society. Each division in SCi has its own annual program. Community Outreach Division is responsible for CSR activities which are aimed at increasing student awareness by collaborating with external parties while the Business Division focuses on SCi finance through fundraising. Aligned with each division’s responsibility, SCi Community Outreach collaborated with the Business Division to establish a program called SCi Merch. SCi Merch is a program that sells unique merchandise with i3L-themed designs to raise funds for donation to help those who are less fortunate. Forty percent of the profit goes to fundraising platforms/organizations such as Kitabisa, Benih Baik, etc. The first batch of SCi merch pre-order was opened from September 5th until September 15th for i3L students, faculties, staff, and public. SCi Merch has been distributed to buyers on October 1st with an excellent response. In this batch, SCi sold notebooks, stickers, and phone cases designed by i3L students, sold at an affordable price. SCi Merch program will be conducted routinely once every 3 months. If you would like to participate in the donation by buying the merchandise, stay updated by following the  @i3lstudentcouncil Instagram account!

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