i3L Scientific Poster Competition or iSPC 2021 is a national-scaled event presented by i3L Student Council that is open to the public. The purpose of this event was to educate, alleviate, and bring awareness towards sustainable living. iSPC was divided into 3 activities: campaign, webinar and competition. The topic of this year was ‘LIVEABLE’, revolving around waste treatment, renewable energy, smart technology, and food security. This event began with a campaign held from the 12th of  April until 23rd of April. The LIVEABLE campaign promoted sustainable living and encouraged the public to take part in helping to shape an eco-friendly planet, starting with their surroundings. The campaign was filled with challenges, guest speakers, and movie time. The event proceeded  with a two webinars, where the first webinar discussed about “Healthy Lifestyle which is Sustainable for the Environment” with Ms. Jessica Halim (Founder of Demi Bumi) on 8th May 2021 and the second webinar discussed about “Business from Recycled Things” with Ms. Angelique Dewi (Head of Corporate Communication of Nutrifood) on 15th May 2021. The last activity of this event was the competition itself that was held on 20th May 2021.

In the competition, participants presented their poster and followed by a Q&A session from the judges. The judges involved in this competition were Mr. Slamet Budi (an educator and journal reviewer), Mr. Ihsan Tria (a jury member for the National Science Olympiad), and Ms. Putu Virgina (awardee of Indonesia Endowment Fund for doctoral degree in University of Birmingham, United Kingdom). iSPC 2021 was concluded with the closing ceremony consisting of singing the national anthem ‘Indonesia Raya’, playing games and hosting an awarding session. Congratulations to all winners who won prize money with a total of IDR 7 million. See you in another scientific poster competition!

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