Dear i3L family and community,

Welcome back to all i3L students, faculty, and staff members. Soon we will start the 2021/2022 academic year and new routines – and maybe a new way of thinking. For all of us, this means a continuation – one with new challenges and new opportunities during this pandemic.

For our new cohort 2021 please, note that your years as an i3L student are your formative years. Rest assured that we will support you throughout your journey. We hope you will thrive as great students of i3L. Your academic success and well-being are as important to us as they are to you.

To all of us please bear in mind that we are still facing a pandemic of SARS-CoV-2. However, we shall not let this pandemic degrade our quality and priorities as educators and researchers of i3L. We need to continue our tasks and responsibilities by putting emphasis on innovation in teaching and learning, research activities, research implementations, and impacting the community.

Despite the pandemic, i3L strives to provide a rich learning experience. As the COVID-19 has started to lower its number of cases and stabilize, we are looking at the possibility of conducting a few offline lab sessions. I encourage all faculties and staff members to look at this possibility as a great opportunity for us to prepare for a full return to campus, make detailed and well-structured plans, and guaranteeing everyone’s safety with a tracing/monitoring system.

I would like to highlight several current and incoming i3L activities and achievements across departments as may need your support in their execution.

1. i3L Grand Strategy for the next 20 years is currently under review and awaiting feedback for revision.

2. We are preparing for an the i3L guidebook for MBKM (Kurikulum Kampus Merdeka). Training is being conducted for all faculty and academic operations members for the assurance that we can implement this revised curriculum properly.

3. Innovation through student competitions is ongoing for the pre-launching product of Plant-Based Burger through online shops in collaboration with Kalytera. 

4. New Student Competitions have started for this year: SKINNOVATION (skin health products competition) and HEALTH TECHNOLOGY (health and wellness apps development competition).

5. i3L currently ranks 74th for Research and Innovation on Ristek BRIN SINTA.

6. The Biomedicine study program has won South East Asia – Europe Joint Funding Scheme, Science and Technology Grant with the topic of ‘T-cell immunity to SARS-CoV-2’.

7. The Bioinformatics and Pharmacy departments have won DIKTI’s Kedaireka grant with the topic of “Development of the Drug Interaction Database”.

I believe, together, we are going to achieve our goals despite the pandemic. Take care, be healthy, and be safe! Let’s get through this challenging period of our lives and make the most out of it!


Warmest Regards,

Iwan Surjawan, Ph.D.

Rector of i3L

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