For the first time ever in i3L, the Welfare division presents Starry Night, a prom event held on the 13th of May 2023 from 5 P.M. until 9 P.M. The event was open for i3L students, alumni, faculty and even to the public. The participants were encouraged to show up as their best dressed selves, in formal wear of the colour blue, black or white.

The event started off with a warm welcome from the MCs and a captivating performance from the i3L faculty, Sir Andamar and Sir Ihsan. Afterwards, the participants were allowed to eat the prepared foods and drinks, such as the quiche, spaghetti or some sweet choux. Whilst eating, participants were allowed to partake in various activities, like letter making, bead bracelet making, karaoke or taking pictures in the photo booth with various properties. Karaoke in particular was a very heated activity, with many of the participants singing their personally selected songs in front of the stage.

Throughout the event, participants also partook in the voting for the Prom King & Queen, Best Dressed Male & Female as well as the Life of The Party and Best Promposal. Winners of said categories were then announced nearing the end of the event, and each of them was crowned with their respective sashes and awarded with prize money. Undoubtedly, the participants revelled in the event and had a splendid time! If you missed out the prom event this year, make sure to join in on the next one, we’re sure you’ll have a blast too!


The event was limited to 50 volunteers, which were divided into 5 groups, each with a different cleaning route. Everyone was equipped with a pair of hand gloves and a sack with symbols of either a tick for inorganic, a cross for organic, or an exclamation mark for toxic garbage. The activity started at 8 AM with a short briefing session followed by an exciting ice breaking game of Quizizz that further boosts the excitement of all participants. Then, the cleaning session started and lasted for about one and a half hours. It was surprising that in such a small area in the neighborhood, there was a lot of trash found, ranging from plastics to glass bottles. After a long journey, all teams finally made it back to the campus, carrying bags filled to the brim with the litter they found. Although it was exhausting, it was so much fun cleaning the environment while socializing with friends! By the end of the day, a total of 93.55 kg of waste was collected and discarded in appropriate bins. The event ended with a photo session and snack distribution as a symbol of appreciation.

Through this activity, we came to a realization that we are always surrounded by trash and litter, even in places that look clean. If we don’t start throwing trash at the proper bin, sooner or later it will pile up into something we wouldn’t want to imagine. So, let’s start by being more aware and cautious of trash!

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