In this Power Talk, Dr. Aisling Keane started her talk by explaining the steps of tissue processing from fixation to embedding. Afterwards, she showed what the normal histology of the skin looks like. She also showed a case study about non-melanoma skin cancer and compared
the histological features to a typical normal skin slide.

She continued by talking about another type of skin cancer which is skin melanoma, a more invasive type compared to the first one, and how the survival rate of Asian patients is low compared to Americans or Europeans. One of the reasons for this is because melanoma in Asian populations grows under the nails and in the feet thus making it not easily detectable. The talk was followed by a Question and Answer (Q&A) session where multiple students who attended the event asked questions to Dr. Aisling. A couple of students even stayed after the event to ask Dr. Aisling off-stage questions.

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