Plate to Palette: Educating Orphaned Children on Food Waste Utilization

In Indonesia, approximately 5.78 million children have lost one or both parents due to various causes, necessitating significant support for their education and nutrition in orphanages. To address this, the i3L Food Technology Project is organizing a community service initiative, “Plate to Palette,” aimed at educating these children about global food issues. This event will include workshops, games, and donations to Sanggar Sahabat Anak orphanage in East Jakarta.

Indonesia also faces a pressing issue with food waste, generating 20.93 million tonnes annually, the highest in Southeast Asia (UNEP). Therefore, “Plate to Palette” adopts a “Zero Food Waste” theme to raise awareness about this critical issue.

The project not only aims to educate orphanage children but also enhances i3L students’ awareness of social issues. Through innovative food product creation, promotional design, and fundraising, the project cultivates students’ soft skills and business acumen. All proceeds from activities throughout the year will fund “Plate to Palette,” scheduled for June 8, 2024.

Preparations from February to May 2024 will culminate in an event featuring speeches, performances, educational sessions on food waste utilization, and practical workshops where natural colorants derived from food waste will be used for art activities. This initiative strives to instill sustainable practices and creativity among the children while fostering community engagement and empathy among participants.


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