Pharmacy Students

1st (First) place in PIMFI 2021

Congratulations to our Pharmacy Students

What is PIMFI?

PIMFI is one of the largest national-scale pharmacy competitions in Indonesia with more than 352 participants.

1st Place in Category: Formula

Congratulations to Dandy Felix Kristanto from i3L Pharmacy Cohort 2019

1st Place in Category: Educational Video Competition

Congratulations to

Celine Chelovna  from i3L Pharmacy Cohort 2019

Cecilia Ashley Chung  from i3L Pharmacy Cohort 2019

Putri Avanny Jamaica from i3L Pharmacy Cohort 2019

Pharmacy Bachelor’s Program

Pharmacy is one of the most interesting and well known majors in Indonesia, which focuses on medicine, which covers from drug discovery, development, clinical trial, drug delivery, drug management and also patient counseling. Pharmacy is the bridge knowledge between biomedical scientists and medical doctors, and highly relates to biomedical science, chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical engineering, social science and population health. Pharmacist is among of the most respected professions in the world, whether in the government institute, research institute, pharmaceutical industry, or clinical pharmacy.

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