Pharmacy Department Get To Know the Course Materials and Job Prospects

Pharmacy Department Get To Know the Course Materials and Job Prospects

Pharmacy graduates are believed to have a bright future along with the development of modern biomedicine and pharmacy. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the map of the need for innovation and drug development research.

Audrey Crystalia, Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy International Institute for Life Science (I3L) explained that pharmacy is a well-rounded scientific field. In pharmacy, students study a combination of aspects of science, health care, communication with various professions including the public, and the medicine business and health supplements.

“Of course, graduates of pharmacy majors also have the opportunity to continue their professional education in pharmacists,” said Audrey.

The prospect of a Pharmacy Bachelor graduate can not only contribute to the pharmaceutical industry but also other fields. For example in hospitals, the government (Ministry of Health or BPOM), the cosmetic industry, and so on.

“Pharmaceutical graduates can contribute to research institutions related to health, including developing diagnostic tools, drugs, natural medicines, drug delivery systems, and disease pathophysiology or researching new targets for disease treatment,” added Audrey.

This ability comes from knowledge about medicine. Starting from how to make medicinal substances from a chemical point of view; how to make medicinal preparations such as syrups, injections, and tablets; how to guarantee drug quality; analyzing drug quality; how the human body processes drugs; how the effects of drugs and the mechanism of drugs work in the body.

Of course, by studying these things, pharmacy graduates also learn how to research for new drug development, both from chemical, biological and natural sources.

Audrey added, the ability to analyze and think critically as well as thoroughness is the main key needed while studying in the pharmacy department. Of course, other abilities such as basic skills learned during high school will also be used such as numeracy skills. 

“The most important thing, of course, is a strong will to learn because the pharmacy has a fairly broad scope with a combination of theory and practice,” Audrey said.

During the pandemic, science, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, continues to evolve. This development is specifically in the field of science and health communication. Especially at this time, public awareness about health, drugs, and vaccines is much increased.

“With the pandemic, telemedicine has begun to be carried out in Indonesia, and there is a possibility that it will continue to develop after the pandemic. Of course, pharmacy practice can also be done through telemedicine, such as patient counseling by pharmacists and drug information services,” She explained.

Those of you who are interested in studying pharmacy you can continue your studies at the Indonesia International Institute for Life Science (I3L). For more information, please visit or Instagram @i3l_official.


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