Muhammad Abdurrahman Mas, B.Sc.Food.Sci., B.Sc.Nutr.Sci., M.Sc.

Head of Food Technology

Muhammad Abdurrahman Mas (Iman) Msc. was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and is an alumnus of the International School of Ho Chi Minh City. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences at McGill University, in Montreal Canada in 2015. He then proceeded to take his Master of Science in Food Safety and Quality Assurance in University of Guelph, in Guelph, Canada.

His Masters Research project was focused on “Safety of In-home Fruit Drying Process”. Mr. Iman is passionate about Food Safety especially in regards to in-home processing due to upwards trend for DIY food products and Home Industry food products.

“I believe that Indonesia has a big potential to produce foods in an even safer, more nutritious ways that will improve the health of the general populace. i3L, with its focus on education and research excellence, provides an ideal platform to educate and train a future generation that will be highly capable in food science which will develop the better ways to produce food .”


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