Mario Donald Bani, S.P., M.Biotech.

Faculty of Biotechnology

Research Interest


Mario graduated from Nusa Cendana University, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, where he majored in Crop Protection. Right after that, he got a 6-month contract to teach at the Biology Department of FMIPA Widya Mandira Catholic University in Kupang. After that, he pursued a master’s degree at the Master of Biotechnology (Advanced) program at the University of Queensland, Australia. He was working with the development of genetically modified organisms by trying to incorporate toxin peptides from the Australian funnel-web spider with the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana. Currently, Mario is working on an herbicide discovery and development project at the University of Western Australia for his Ph.D.


Year Award Source
LPDP Scholarship
Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia
Australia Development Scholarship
Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Eka Tjipta Foundation Scholarship
Sinar Mas

Research Activity and Highlighted Project

Year Title Partners
New Herbicide Mode of Action Development from Structural Biology Perspective
School of Molecular Sciences, University of Western Australia
Fusion peptide production in Pichia pastoris for transgenic plant development
Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland

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