Iwan Surjawan, S.TP., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Rector of i3L & Director of Research

Dr Surjawan earned his Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Maine, USA. He later earned his Post Doc from the University of Nebraska in process engineering.

He has more than ten years of experience in research and directing research in foods and beverages. He has demonstrated in delivering successfully commercial products, saving costs and improving processing qualities. He was a Senior Research Food Scientist at the Schwan Food Company from 2005-08 here his main responsibilities were to research and develop new ingredient technologies or processes that can be commercialized into new products.

From 2008 he began working at Garuda Food Indonesia, firstly as head of Innovation and Technology Development where he lead 15 applied research scientists in conducting research for new innovative products. He was Head of International Food and Beverage Product Development. His main responsibilities were to provide technical support on new products and their developments and their food processing and packaging for the international market.

Dr Surjawan has an exciting research career. During his time at Garuda Food his research covered beverages, snacks and training from expertise world-wide. His experience covers in Food Extrusion (in chemical reaction thereof), Dairy Fermentation (a growth optimization of cheese cultures), Cereals Technology, Frozen Food Technology (minimalizaton of ice recrystallization in ice cream), Baking Technology (cookies & frozen dough), Beverages (Aseptic and non-Aseptic).

Dr Surjawan wishes to share his knowledge and experience here at i3L and he has the vision of establishing a Food Processing & Research Center for teaching & training for students, and for training and innovation workshop with industry or government partners on general or specific R&D projects.

  • Health & wellness food products.
    Creation of healthier frozen pizza dough and bakery pie crust. (e.g., reduced-fat, Zero-Trans, & low sodium).
  • Training & Publications
    Enlisted as external Research Committee in at least 8 research thesis of undergraduate seeking BS degree in Food Science at IPB.
    Enlisted as jury of 101 Indonesia Innovation in BIC (Business Innovation Center)
    Prepared and maintain E-Learning materials for internal R&D training materials.
  • Beverages
    Reducing cost by development in-house premix gelling agent for Jelly Drink.
    Development and characterization of gelled milk drink.
    Coffee extraction process for production of RTD coffee.
    Establishment of Pilot Plant for multi beverage processes.
  • Snacks
    Joint research with supplier in developing modified starch for reducing inconsistency due to multiple variety of tapioca for coating snack application.
    Joint research with supplier in improvement of oil quality use for frying process by oil using management system and standardization of antioxidant.
    Development of new RTE popcorn snack and several extruded products.
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  • Surjawan I., and C. L. Hicks. 2003. Bovine α-lactalbumin, a metallo-protein, inhibits bacteriophage (L. lactis ssp lactis c2) proliferation on its host (L. lactis ssp lactis C2). Inst. Food Technology Annual Meeting Book of Abstracts. Chicago, IL.
  • Surjawan, et al., Inventor, U.S. Provisional Patent Application. Method and composition for inhibition of bacteriophage proliferation in dairy fermentations. Submitted by University of Kentucky in 2002. Status Submitted.

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