Elita Jessamine Chandra, B.Comm, M.M.

Faculty of International Business Management

Research Interest


Elita Jessamine Chandra, B.Com., M.M. graduated from Curtin University (Australia) for her Bachelor in Commerce, majoring in Management and Marketing, Elita started her professional life in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya where she worked in the Executive Learning Institute as an account executive. For her Master’s Degree, which she obtained also from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya (Jakarta), she took Business Management with a concentration in Marketing where she created a business plan for City Tour.

She has also worked in an animation studio as a strategic development specialist and a NonGovernmental Organization as a field supervisor. For a few years, Elita has given training and business consultation to a few local businesses and a couple of large ones. With numerous of experiences in Management, Marketing, and Business Planning and Development, Elita is now channeling her passion in teaching Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

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