Edwin Hadrian, S.T.P., M.Sc.

Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

Edwin Hadrian was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Previously finished his study at the University of Pelita Harapan in Food Technology and obtained his master’s degree in food consumer marketing in the UK. Afterwards, he decided to pursue his education further by earning a master’s degree in Food Technology at the University of Bonn, Germany. His primary interest is food analysis and biotechnology, especially plant-based protein.

Previously, he was involved in one of the research centres for food manufacturing in the UK. And before joining I3l, he worked for an organisation aiming to nurture farmers, fishers, and foragers in Indonesia by turning a local commodity into a value-added product. Now he seeks to contribute to the society using the sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. Currently, he is working as a Faculty member of food science and nutrition program at I3l.

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