dr. Dina Atrasina Satriawan, MNSci(Adv)

Faculty of BioMedicine

dr. Dina Atrasina Satriawan, MNsci(Adv) completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Medical Doctor degree at the Faculty of Medicine UNIKA Atma Jaya in 2013. After finishing her medical training, she continued practicing medicine until she was awarded a master degree scholarship from the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education to pursue a Master of Neuroscience degree at The Australian National University. While studying, she was offered a transfer to the Master of Neuroscience (Advanced) degree which focused on research. Her research concentrated on the cellular changes in the brain associated with a loss-of-function mutation in the EDNRB gene. Mutations in the EDNRB gene are known to cause a frequent congenital disorder in humans – the Hirschsprung’s disease.

dr. Dina is passionate on understanding more about the pathophysiology of human diseases, particularly, disorders involving the brain.

“Healthcare and research have always gone hand in hand. However, integrated platforms that incorporate biomedical knowledge with an emphasis on research into undergraduate degrees are only recently emerging in Indonesia. In the Biomedicine Faculty of I3L, we are ready to fill in the gap with excellence in education and research, assisted by experienced staff that include medical doctors and researchers that have trained around the world to ensure a highly capable future generation of Indonesia.”

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