Dr. apt. Aini Gusmira, M.Si

Faculty of Pharmacy

Research Interest

Dr. apt. Aini Gusmira, M.Si


Dr. Aini received her bachelor’s degree from Universitas Pajadjaran, and her master’s degree in herbal medicine from Universitas Indonesia. During her undergraduate studies, Aini and the team she led were awarded as the runners-up of pharmaceutical product competition in Indonesian Pharmacy Students Scientific Week (PIMFI). After obtaining her Master’s degree, Aini worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Indonesia, and later on, received a Japanese Government Scholarship/Monbukagakusho (MEXT) to pursue a Ph.D in biological science from Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan. During her Ph.D studies, Aini worked intensively with recombinant proteins. Aini continued to work as a lecturer at Universitas Indonesia after completing her Ph.D. studies and subsequently joined I3L.

Research Activity and Highlighted Project

Selected Publication

Handayani, R. J., Mahendra, I. C. H. P., Atika, N., Adisaputra, I., Gusmira, A., Adawiyah, R., Rozaliyani, A., Makau, J. N., Raekiansyah, M., Rahmasari, R. (2022). Myristica fragrans oil as potent inhibitor of Candida albicans: Phase development inhibition and synergistic effect. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. (Status: in press)

Gusmira, A., Takemura, K., Lee, S. Y., Inaba, T., Hanawa- Suetsugu, K., Oono-Yakura, K., Yasuhara, K., Kitao, A., & Suetsugu, S. (2020). Regulation of caveolae through cholesterol-depletion-dependent tubulation mediated by PACSIN2. Journal of cell science, 133(19), jcs246785. 


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